Celine Dion Obsession – Funny Stuff and Cheese – 111

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CELINE DION OBSESSION – Funny Stuff And Cheese #111 features Tom & Renae discussing how British authorites banned a man from playing Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ after many complaints … the retired nurse who sued for $275,000 in Oregon pet duck attack … the Pennsylvania couple who married in the ER after groom suffers heart attack prior to wedding … the Wisconsin woman who stopped a stranger from jumping off a Milwaukee bridge … the Vancouver bar that tops a $60 cocktail with a burger, pulled pork and chicken wings … the 80-year-old woman who has worked at the same Michigan KFC for over 50 years … and the ‘Homeless’ man evicted from a heat-equipped spot inside the Manhattan Bridge by NYPD …

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